What if your own voice was the last hope?

Would you like to receive a notification if your loved ones are in danger? This is your app!

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Innovative App, Safe and Rescue services Oriented. A smart link between all of us.

Feel the greatest level of security


Receive or send an alert in case you or your loved ones were in an emergency, instantly, just by voice

In trouble, alone and with no one around

Eldery people living alone


Real cases have shown us the need of being connected to your family overall when there are millions of people living alone.  Elderly people are particularly vulnerable. 

Home accidents home alone


In many home accidents the fatality could have been stopped just by having an extra tool to alert your best friend.  

One third of Europeans live alone,

This means 220 million homes

Response time is critical


  Unfortunatelly there are many examples in real life where the fatality could have been stopped by being faster and more precise. 

Use your voice to alert


 If there is no time to search the phone, unlock it and make a call warning of danger, ByMySOS can make the difference



Anyone can encounter a risky situation where there is insufficient time to search their phone, unlick it and make a call for help 

We believe there was a lack of connectivity between all of us

Until Now

Traffic and Outdoor activites accidents


Extra help in case of accidents arising from outdoor activities (trekking, hiking, biking) and traffic accidents (motorbike, car etc). v


Technology and the need to help our loved ones come together

How does it work?


How does it work? Just by saying the voice command

 the app will send an alert with the exact location (SMS & email) to the people you want. 

Adapted to every country/language

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Why does it work in that way?

There are many emergency situations where an individual, is not able to search for the phone, unlock it, and make a call or send a message to his/her family, friends or police, 112, etc. Sometimes the voice is the only way to ask for help.  

 • The BeMySOS app is designed to be used in “extreme circumstances.” if someone is being attacked, or having any accident and there is not time to make a phone call, or let someone know the person is in real danger. BeMySOSwill work without any manual interaction with the device.

How does it work? Just by saying the voice command the app will send an alert with the exact  location (SMS & email) and more info to the people you want. 


What if dialling wasn’t possible and BeMySOS was the last hope? 

BeBySOS is a mobile application that can be connected to a second BeMySOS's device (smartband, smartwatch, smart ring, necklace, BeMySOSHome) to make voice recognition more efficient.

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